Join the Movement

Join the Fun Float Movement
and become a Floaty Enthusiast
The floaty enthusiast: is someone who is in love with all things pool floats. This person has a passion for the sun, sand, pool, and all things fun!
This person makes their pool happy:), by filling it with pool floats it so desperately wants/needs. Here at The Floaty Store we love Floaty Enthusiast so much we came up with the name to describe us and the love we have for floats.
We have an industry leading rewards program for everything floaty, that helps us with our obsession:) We also are always available to chat for the times when we need help deciding which floaty is better for the occasion. 
We want the world to join us in the Fun Float Movement and that is why we need everyone’s help in enlisting as many people as you can! Each purchase at The Floaty store will include your “Floaty Enthusiast Membership Card” this card will provide you with the validation that you are the movement:) Maybe even some extra savings..
So what are you waiting for get your floaty, and make your pool happy!