About us

The History of The Floaty Store™ 

Let's take you back...all the way back to 1959 when my grandfather founded a small beach shop in a little town called Wellfleet on Cape Cod. The store quickly grew in popularity each year becoming the go to destination to start and end your Cape Cod vacation. Visitors would return each year to find the next best thing for the beach and great keepsakes to take home. When my father and mother took over the shop in 1985 they wanted something unique that would set Seaberry Surf apart from the countless other shops on the Cape. My father came up with the idea of inflating pool "floatys" and attaching them to the roof. He started with just two and as customers quickly flocked in to check out the store, two turned into twenty. Soon Seaberry, or as tourist like to call it "The Floaty Store" became an instant tourist attraction on the lower Cape. This success has created a lot of copy cats, but there will only ever be one Floaty Store. OK, maybe two ;)



Our Story 

Growing up in the beach industry, founder Kyle Baptist has seen his fair share of cool beach merchandise. Each year on Cape Cod he sells thousands of Beach Floats at his families beach stores. Seeing the excitement on customers faces when it comes to choosing the perfect float, he knew he could do more. Why not make a store dedicated to what everyone loves and the classic pool/beach staple?.. The Floaty Store would be the name, in homage to the original - Seaberry Surf.  The Floaty Store or a fun float boutique as we like to call it, is the place to find the perfect float for the pool or the next beach adventure. Pool parties, beach days, or just because..The Floaty Store is here for you. Make your pool happy:)